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2023  Sep 21~24,  Sep 30 - Nov 12:Bagpipe lessons either unavailable or fully booked.

I will be in Scotland from 3rd Oct - 2 Nov but will be checking E-mail.

Ask in case of emergency. 


Ticket reservation, questions or any other requests.

Bagpiper Ally

2003-2004 Started learning the great highland pipes at the National Piping Centre in Scotland while studying at the University of Stirling.

2015 Started teaching the pipes and distributing movies on YouTube about bagpipes mainly for Japanese pipers.

2016 Studied at the National Piping Centre in Glasgow and passed the exam for Performer's Certificate.

Currently a member of CLASP, competing at Grade 2 Light music and Piobaireachd and keep winning prizes at every online competition since 2021.

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